Yuanbang attentively completes every meter of pipe

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Talent and technology is the core of the product, equipment and quality is the guarantee of the product. Yuyao Guli Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has a professional and efficient R & D technical team and employs industry experts and university professors as technical consultants.

In accordance with national standards, industry standards and local standards to establish a laboratory. The company configured dozens of various devices. Among them, there are nearly 20 experimental equipment. It has 32 corrugated pipe production lines. Reach the same industry.

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What are the size of natural gas hose?

First of all, it is necessary to know that like stainless steel hose, its material is divided into 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel. This material is made of it has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, tensile resistance, water resistance.

How to replace the gas hose gas hose use matters needing attention

Although there are many families using induction cooker now, many families still use gas. Gas is more convenient to use, and firepower is also easy to adjust, easy to cook. In the use of gas, if the gas pipe is used for a long time, we need to replace it. Gas safety should not be underestimated, for our safety considerations, we must master the correct skills when replacing the gas hose, then how to replace the gas hose!

Natural gas hose must use stainless steel bellows

As a common energy source, natural gas is widely used in stoves and heating systems. In the process of natural gas transportation, the choice of hose is very important, because safety and reliability are the key to natural gas transportation. When choosing a natural gas hose, stainless steel bellows is a common choice. so, natural gas hose must use stainless steel bellows?

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