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SS304 stainless steel corrugated pipe 2SS304 flat flange joint 3SS304 M10x1 long and short outer thread joint (double groove) 4 nickel plated copper nut 5 washer

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Stainless steel corrugated pipe, as a flexible pressure resistant fitting installed in liquid conveying systems, is used to compensate for the mutual displacement of pipelines, machines, and equipment connection ends, absorb vibration energy, and can play a role in vibration reduction and noise reduction. It has many characteristics such as good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and high and low temperature resistance.

The load value required to produce unit displacement of metal corrugated pipes or other elastic components due to the stiffness of metal corrugated pipes is called the stiffness of the components, generally represented by "K". If the elastic characteristics of the component are nonlinear, the stiffness is no longer a constant, but changes with the increase of load. The stiffness given during the design and calculation of elastic elements with nominal stiffness is called nominal (or rated) stiffness. It has an error with the measured stiffness of the element, especially for elastic elements with nonlinear elastic characteristics. The nominal stiffness represents the stiffness at which point on the curve, so careful consideration should be given. Generally speaking, it is best not to directly use the design calculation value for nominal stiffness, but to use the corrected value after testing the product prototype. The allowable dispersion range of stiffness for a batch of elastic components during testing. For the same batch of elastic components, the stiffness of each component in stainless steel metal hoses is not the same, with a dispersion range. In order to ensure the performance of the components, it is necessary to have a limit on the range of stiffness dispersion. For elastic sensitive components, the stiffness tolerance is required to be limited to+/-5% of the nominal value; The stiffness tolerance of corrugated elastic components used in general engineering can be limited to+/-50%.

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